Calm Down Bro



See, I’d call this a vest, but if you listen to our friends from across the pond we should probably call it a “tank top” or, heaven forbid, a “wife beater”. And for the record, how on earth did “wife beater” become acceptable lingo?! Did some bloke strike upon the idea of a sleeveless shirt one day while smacking the taste from the mouth of his beloved? Must he have thought “Deirdre, if it wasn’t for these troublesome sleeves this whole process would be so much more effective”. “Ywahghh awerrrrghh…”, agrees Deirdre. Anyway, nice vest.





Miansai fish hook


Distinctive and neat, this fish-hooked strap from Miansai is a real catch. Picking up this kind of men’s accessory for under a 100 is another big tick. Too often getting your paws on something that’s had a touch of attention given to it prices out folks like myself, while the cheap alternative is, well, cheap for a reason.