ViLLΛGE – Wanna Tell You (Henry Krinkle remix)

In my opinion the two finest producers out there right now. Romanian ViLLΛGE puts up his Wanna Tell You for florida’s Henry Krinkle to smash out of the park in this storming remix. With more than an appreciative nod towards ViLLΛGE’s instantly recognisable vocal style, Krinkle adds a bouncy, almost piano house, element that seals the deal. Love it.

Check out more work from both these two as well. Fantastic electronic music from across the world:


Lights in Chicago


Strikingly urban and unmistakably cold, this Lights in Chicago series from Chicago-based Japanese photographer Satoki Nagata somehow pulls through a little snippet of urban beauty through it’s innovative lighting and completely natural transparency. Fantastic ghost-like loveliness, and well worth a look through the rest of the series.



Minimalist Harlem Shake

Right! Last one…but this minimalist Harlem Shake is quite a good one to go out with.

Oh, I just can’t wait to for Alex Zane or some other interchangeable Channel 4 douche to look down on nine-month-ago us for falling for such a faddish fad in a crappy Best of 2013 show just after crimbo. Well, you know what Zane(/other)? Jog on. You’re the next Richard Bacon. You’re the next Harlem Shake.


James Blake – Retrograde

Love him or hate him (yep, some hate him), the boy-Blake is back and on form in brooding black biker garb. There’s a something odd yet brilliantly spooky in this track, Retrograde. I can’t place if it’s those howling synths, Blake backing his own vocals, or the sign language (something always a little intriguing about seeing it bigger than the bottom-right corner of a tele). It must be the lot.