There are several things you could do with your life if you wanted to lose 13 minutes. You could microwave something meaty and mysterious from a leading supermarché. You could polish a shoe. You could iron half a shirt (yes, it takes me 30 minutes to iron a shirt). Or, you could watch these utterly mesmeric shots here courtesy of Michael Langan in his short film, ChorosI’ve watched it about four times now, so it’s probably best I iron that bloody shirt.




Gorgeous lighting installation from the Belem Cultural Centre, Lisbon. Intended to debunk the belief that LEDs aren’t quite as pretty as their filamented counterparts, I’d say they’ve just about hit the brief here.


Chvrches – Recover (Cid Rim remix)

Here’s another very, very likeable track. I’ve got a lot of time for glaswegian electro-pop trio Chvrches already (their first track, Lies, is a fantastic debut) but I’d say this crackling, arcade-infused reworking from Cid Rim is destined to be a very popular B-side before too long. That drop isn’t what you’d expect, but give it a listen and it’s all you’ll want.

Note: I’ll be seeing this lot live on boat in Bristol in a week or so. Expect to hear more synths and more Scottish accents if they deliver.


Petula Clark – Cut Copy Me

That’s the 80 year-old voice of Downtown songstress, Petula Clark. Yes. 8-0. Sounding like a famous old national broadcaster’s “next big thing”, Cut Copy Me is a singeing little track, while the Alex Brown directed video effortlessly drips with nostalgic, melancholy class. Recommended to me “best enjoyed alone with wine”, I couldn’t agree more. Tell the dog to do one and grab something wet, red and corked. Beautiful stuff.

Calm Down Bro



See, I’d call this a vest, but if you listen to our friends from across the pond we should probably call it a “tank top” or, heaven forbid, a “wife beater”. And for the record, how on earth did “wife beater” become acceptable lingo?! Did some bloke strike upon the idea of a sleeveless shirt one day while smacking the taste from the mouth of his beloved? Must he have thought “Deirdre, if it wasn’t for these troublesome sleeves this whole process would be so much more effective”. “Ywahghh awerrrrghh…”, agrees Deirdre. Anyway, nice vest.





Woodkid – I Love You

Effortlessly dripping in a monochrome style that’s becoming an early hallmark of Monsieur Yoann Lemoine’s visuals, I Love You is the latest in the series of releases pre-empting his first album, due to hit our ears next month. I simply cannot wait. Woodkid was a big find for me in 2012 and his album and upcoming London show are two events firmly fixed in my audio itinerary.

Handy ham


You know when you buy a pack of Spam and it’s just impossible to eat the bleedin’ thing because you have to go through the unimaginable task of fetching a plate and knife to cut that hunk of mystery meat into manageable morsels? No? Really!? Oh yeah, you’re clearly right. But anyway, this is a rather ingenious solution to a problem that never really existed. Still, rather ingenious.