Frozen pier


A fantastic shot this. I know nothing about where it is, when it was shot, whether the photographer was wearing mittens, but it’s a looker.


Green is not a creative colour

I stumbled across this curious little film a while back now and, although I couldn’t give you a better explanation than “maybe everything isn’t quite as it seems out there”, it just demands a re-watch every now and again. I like it…like it a lot. Another plus, show it to your chosen dog-walking-organic-veg-in-a-hessian-bag type and watch them screw their face up.


Grimes – Oblivion

Wispy, lispy loveliness here from the Canadian cutie-pie, Grimes. That bouncy synth, dreamy vocal and sharp little lyrics are enough to keep it firmly lodged in your head all day, but the Emily Kai Bock directed video is something else altogether. Tidy work from both. And is that an ‘orchestra hit’ in there? Flash backs to music class keyboard button bashing.

Miansai fish hook


Distinctive and neat, this fish-hooked strap from Miansai is a real catch. Picking up this kind of men’s accessory for under a 100 is another big tick. Too often getting your paws on something that’s had a touch of attention given to it prices out folks like myself, while the cheap alternative is, well, cheap for a reason.